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Kernevel Marina in Lorient, France. Picture by Sellor.

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An IoT solution that helps marina managers offer the best services to their customers, while ensuring safe and smooth running of their operations.

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Marinas and harbours are centers of activity for many businesses who provide services and products to marina and harbor professionals and for boaters. As the industry is evolving, boaters’ habits changing and marina adapting to their changing market, all professionals operating in this space have a role to play in reinventing the ecosystem and exploring new opportunities for growth.
Marinas will not be the sole providers of services to meet all the new needs of their customers, and as these needs are better understood and new ones emerge rapidly, they will be in a position to identify opportunities beyond the scope of their own role.

Falco constitues a platform where industry professionals can develop such innovative services and complement the marina’s own offering.

Benefits for industry professionals :

– Preferred provider to the Marina or Harbor and their customers –
– Digital platform for innovation –
– Opportunity to test value proposition –
– Access to subsets of Falco data – when authorized and upon Customer request –
– Easy and secure payments –

Marinas are a hub of life, at a crossroads between human activity and the marine environment.

The Marina’s mission requires the ability to work with a fast-changing, often unpredictable environment.
New boating habits create new challenges for Marina professionals: accommodating more transient, often less experienced boaters; providing a safe environment for all; meeting a growing customer demand for easy access and responsiveness… To find new opportunities for growth, the industry needs more powerful and well-adapted tools and processes. Without them, Marinas may not get to play their full, central role in the industry’s changing landscape.

Falco is a flexible, adaptive solution that helps Marinas be successful in this time of changes and thrive in their new market.

Benefits of Falco for the Marina :
– Better visibility and control of operations –
– Time saved on the most tedious tasks for marina staff –
– Reduced electricity costs –
– New growth opportunities through innovative services –
– More reactive, customer-focused staff –
– Attractiveness and customer satisfaction –
– Safer environment for staff and customers –

« To own a boat is something irrational… it is an act of love.»

Boaters come in all types and styles, but all share a true passion for their boat, for the maritime world and for the thrilling sensations of navigation.

Today, boating is going through a time of changes. More and more practitioners choose renting over owning, and a more diverse group of individuals are drawn to the experience.  The marina’s challenge is to evolve their model in order to accommodate these changes and bring more and more people to the sea by providing a safe environment and appropriate services offerings.

Falco is a solution that makes boating easier, safer, and enhance the experience by building a stronger connection between boaters and their marina, and among boaters themselves.

Benefits of Falco for boat owners and boaters :
– Peace of mind from having a permanent connexion with the boat –
– Real-time alerts in case of incident –
– Renewed trust in the Marina’s responsiveness –
– Access to exclusive marina services –
– Ability to develop collaborative usage without the negative impacts –
– Sronger link with the Marina professionals and other boaters –
– Security and confidentiality of data –


Solutions tailored
to your needs

Falco offers partner marinas flexible and scalable solutions to help them develop new services for their customers. Thanks to our state-of-the art IoT techology of demonstrated reliability, marinas provide safer, more effective operations with a renewed focus on customer service.

Your marina is
there for you.

With Falco, your marina can offer you a 24/7 connexion to your boat, personalized assistance and more available staff – to look after you and your boat.


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Our company was created as two worlds met : we bring technology at the service of boating. Our values are cohesion, transparency, quality and audacity in innovation. Our ambition is to help marinas, harbours and boaters as they go through a technlogical transition, to maintain in the technology-connected world the liberty, peace of mind and strong human connections that are so important to all of us.


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